Join our team of Sales Coaches and other qualifying salespersons, sales managers and business executives on a luxury vacation. Bring your favorite travel companion and celebrate the fruits of your efforts.

We didn't say win a luxury vacation
We said earn a luxury vacation!

Every salesperson enrolled in our coaching program can qualify to join us on one of our luxury vacation trips.

Upcoming Incentive Trips

Salespersons enrolled in any of the Excellence Quest coaching programs or Sales-Manager-For-Hire program qualify to earn any one of the following trips for two people, all expenses paid vacation including air travel, transfers, accomodations, meals and applicable taxes. See Earn A Vacation for details or see your Sales Coach or Executive Coach for specific requirements to qualify.

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November 16-23, 2013

Mexican Riviera Cruise

(Value for two passengers $5,068)

Sapphire Princess

Sapphire Princess

Enrollment cutoff date: September 1, 2012


April 1-16, 2014

Panama Cruise

(Value for two passengers $9253)

Queen Victoria

Cunard Queen Victoria

Enrollment cutoff date: January 1, 2013


November 7-15, 2014

Caribbean Cruise

(Value for two passengers $5,156)

Carnival Glory

Carnival Glory

Enrollment cutoff date: September 1, 2013


March 21-28, 2015


(Value for two passengers $5,585)

Bahamas Cove Atlantis

Cove Atlantis

Enrollment cutoff date: January 1, 2014


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