70% success of retention and application vs. 2%

Sales Training University

Sales Training University

Studies show that after attending a training conference the attendee will:

For those two reasons most training conferences proffer little change in the attendees. The cause of such lackluster results is due to:

The Excellence Quest Sales Training University is provided in local areas where an Excellence Quest Sales Coach is located. With twelve monthly seminars and weekly follow-up trainings each salesperson is able to thoroughly study and apply the monthly subject material a little at a time throughout the month without being overwhelmed in comparison to a weekend conference.

Excellence Quest Seminar

Each week the salesperson is given materials to continue their learning of the most comprehensive sales training program in the country. Additionally those involved in the sales coaching program are tutored and coached invididually then cuncurrently tested on the subject material each month.

It's been said "when performance is measured performance improves". The Excellence Quest training program measures the learning of each salesperson. Coupled with the sales coaching program each sales person is tested in the field until they have mastered the subject material.

As a result, the bite sized training and weekly coaching leads to a retention and application rate of 70% rather than the average 2% for other annual conferences and training programs.

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