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Why Sales Incentives?

Sales incentives have been proven to propel a salesperson beyond their level of complacency. Without sales incentives salespeople will easily pace themselves and result in lackluster sales volumes.

How Do Incentives Work Effectively?

For incentives to work effectively an urgency must created. It is the urgency that drives salespserons to push beyond their comfort zones.

Timeline deadlines create the urgency. Fear of loss is a greater motivator than the desire for gain. A person will spend hours searching for their lost money clip with five 20s over spending time to earn another hundred dollars. When an "earn it or lose it" deadline has been set the salesperson mentally abandons the usual sales volume and focuses on the increased sales volume required to achieve it. Nobody wants to lose out on an opportunity.

If there is no deadline for earn it or lose it the salesperson will succumb to the status quo. It's the natural competitive spirit that drives the salesperson to achieve it.

Competition With Others vs Competition With Self?

Which works better, competing with other salespersons or competing with yourself? The answer is both. We human beings are driven both by internal job satisfaction and ego. As we experience a different kind of satisfaction competing with others versus ourselves our strongest successes will come by harnessing both.

Effective managment of incentives and understanding the psychology of incentives are key to the company's success. Many incentives and contests are offered in a haphazard manner than never pan out and only discourage the sales staff and management.

  1. It is also important to understand other personality types who aren't as competitive as others.
  2. Certain salespersons can get discouraged if they can't win one of the monthly contests and resort to giving up.
  3. Many companies make the error in affixing a high sales volume that each person must meet in order to earn the tirp. This especially results in the increased effort in about half the sales force. The top producers know they will hot the mark by accident, the lowest producers know they'll never reach it, so these two groups rarely increae their efforts to achieve ths trips, leaving only the middle group who beleive they can make it if they put in the effort.

    Excellence Quest provides annual incentives which are achievable for all salespersons. Rather than affixing a specific sales volume that all must achieve Excellence Quest utilizes the Salesperson-On-Auto-Pilot software to determine the required sales volume for each salesperson based on their own handicap, which is determined by the salesperson's past sales history, sales experience, personality assessment, sales assessment, and other factors.

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