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Make your next conference motivating, and memorable, with substance that your attendees can convert into action. Excellence Quest president, Rod LeGrande speaks to conferences focusing on motivation and how to out-market, out-sell and out-service the competition.

His most compelling topic is the powerful Salesperson-On-Auto-Pilot system that drives salespeople to self-propel themselves into an orbit of sales success that is previously perceived as impossible. He addresses two simple obstacles that challenge nearly all salespersons.

As salespeople can easily coast when sales are flowing Rod teaches them his system that shows how to drive themselves to achieve abundace. Conversely when salespeople lose their steam with excessant obstacles they learn how to employ the Salesperson-On-Auto-Pilot system that generates self-motivation as they break through to achieve what is humanly possible.

Rod's professional delivery is motivational, entertaining, and electrifying.

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