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Excellence Quest is the innovator and creator of the coaching concept in the business environment. Conceived by its president, Rod LeGrande in 1988 Excellence Quest was the first company to provide sales coaching in the United States.

From its success in making it affordable to hire contract services for sales management, motivation, incentives, and sales structure the business world responded to the solutions a sales coach can provide. Excellence Quest pioneered the way to affordably hire contract sales trainers to boost the sales department, which has subsequently spawned sales coaches across the country and made it a household word.

Excellence Quest has provided sales coaches to businesses through its company owned locations in five of the western United States and has trained Sales Coaches nationwide to bring the highly successful coaching program to businesses all over the United States.

What Business Owners and Management says:

The sales coach knew just what to do to get our sales force moving at a faster clip than we had previously experienced on our own. I've hired or promoted people to Sales Manager who knew our business well but didn't have the expertise to set up a useful sales system that we needed. The Excellence Quest sales system has recharged our sales department.
Steve G
Printing Company
We've tried sales incentives on our own but the sales agents lost their steam before the incentive could be reached. The Excellence Quest incentives are motivating and the sales coach ensures that they each achieve the trip.
Rob C
Fastener Distributor

Being a national company it is difficult to effectively manage our sales staff long distance. The sales manager training was well worth the money. Our sales manager is much more efficient now as he has adapted the sales coaching methods developed by Excellence Quest.
Gladys R
Hospital Equipment Manufacturer
I had one particular salesman that was always a good producer but was complacent. The sales coach lit a fire under him as well as all of our other sales agents. They have increased their sales much higher than I'd even expected.
Bill R
Payroll Company

We were getting ready to fire one of our salespersons when we heard about Excellence Quest. Enrolling him in the program paid off well as his sales have increased over 300%.
Calvin R
Industrial Equipment Distributor
We have a salesperson that is highly competitive but with only two salespersons it was hard to satisfy his competitive spirit. Enrolling him in the sales coaching program allowed him to compete with other sales people and fulfill his drive. I also discovered that I was content with his sales performance before but the increase in his sales from the monthly competition with the other sales people is like having two salespersons now. His volume has more than doubled.
Kelvin S
Office Equipment & Furniture Distributor
The accountability system is the key to our sales team's increased performance. It's what I wanted but I was frankly surprised at how each salesperson eventually embraced it. I know the Caribbean cruise had a lot to do with it.
Paul G
Building Materials

What the Salespeople Say:

I have worked for companies that tried sales incentives before but have changed the rules midstream or abandoned one to start another. I didn't believe in them as a result. It was nice to be a part of the Excellence Quest program and know that the trip would really take place. I earned the trip and went with the group to Tahiti. It was great!
Bill M
Industrial Gas Distributor
I have always been ambitious and have had strong goals. Using the auto pilot system and having a sales coach keep pushing me has led to my achievement of the goals I'd always fell short on before.
Brian K
Insurance Agent
I always thought that sales was sales. Having been in sales for over fifteen years I thought I was quite good at it. The system that Excellence Quest set up in our office has taught me a completely different world in getting the customers to buy from me instead of the competition. My income has nearly doubled since I've been through the training program. I shudder the thought of what my lifestyle would be like still if I were still making the income I was making before this program.
Steve C
Air Conditioning Sales
I've always enjoyed the prospect strategy with my sales coach each week. I realized I got sloppy and shot from the hip a lot, and lost a lot of sales because of it. I have increased my conversion rate from my sales coach's insight and advice.
Rob N

This may sound negative but I've been in sales for over thirty years and I have never seen the value of any sales manager that I've worked for. My sales coach has a complete system that is encouraging, motivational and instructional with effective techniques. It's nice to have a confidant as well.
Scott S
Crane Manufacturing Company
As you know I fought and kicked and screamed when my boss put me into your program. It only took me a month to see the sincerity of the sales coach in helping me achieve what I wanted not just what my employer wanted. I enjoyed the expertise, the Alaska cruise, and especially our friendship. Thanks.
Henry B
Windows and Doors Distributor

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